Market stall in Lucerne 

The profit of the products sold in Switzerland goes exclusively to our school and sponsorship projects.

Fairtrade Products

The Premalaya Handicrafts Trust emerged in 1995 from the relief organization Shanthimalai Trust. In 2002, the Society took the important step of becoming independent, thus making the principle of "helping people to help themselves" a reality. In the beginning, this trust consisted of individual small handicraft businesses, which over time developed into economically operating groups of businesses. These include a tailor shop and weaving mill, a fabric printing shop and leaf painting. By purchasing the items offered here, you are indirectly supporting the continuation of the Premalaya Handycraft Trust and thus a secure job for people who otherwise have few alternatives to secure their livelihood.

Market stall in Lucerne

Clara Frosio sells the products on a voluntary basis. With her market stall she is several times a year in the city of Lucerne. 

Please note that the products are sold exclusively on site and therefore no shipping is possible. Clara Frosio will be happy to provide you with information by telephone.

Market dates not yet available!


Clara Frosio

Schulhausstrasse 15, 6030 Ebikon