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Our foundation is recognized as a non-profit organization by the foundation supervisory authority of the EDI (CH). Donations can be deducted from taxes.

Specific or free donation

Make a one-time or regular donation of any amount. Donation receipts will be sent quarterly during the current year. Please remember to include your address completely and clearly. If you need the receipt immediately, you can contact the Foundation. Please also get in touch if you should ever not receive a donation receipt. You can also donate conveniently via TWINT using the QR code below or PayLink.

Contact general donations:

Martin Bütler
Obwaldner Kantonalbank allgemeine Spenden
IBAN: CH86 0078 0000 3085 2515 1

Educational sponsorships

We offer collective sponsorships. With 50 CHF per month, you make school education possible for one or two children and thus open up a new perspective for their future. Donation receipts for education sponsorships are issued in February of the following year. Poor families who cannot afford the school fees and whose children are capable and motivated are selected. From your contribution not only the school fees are paid, but also the lunch and the school clothes. In addition, there is the monthly medical school examination and once a year a larger school trip.

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Vocational training sponsorship

Since the first school leavers left our school, around 1100 gifted young people have been given the opportunity to receive vocational training or study through private assistance. This support has now been officially incorporated into the Foundation's program as the "Shanthimalai Skill Development Program". As an individual, company, foundation or even organization, you can sponsor an education. This can be done through monthly contributions starting at 60 CHF or a one-time donation to the education fund. Donation receipts are sent quarterly during the current year.  We currently calculate 720 CHF per year for a trainee, although the cost varies depending on the type of training or scholarship. The duration of the training is usually 3 to 4 years. With your contribution you enable the school leavers to reach another milestone on their way to an independent life.

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Contact educational sponsorship and vocational training sponsorship:

Catharina Agustoni
Obwaldner Kantonalbank Sponsorships:
IBAN: CH54 0078 0000 3085 2514 5