Education- and vocational training sponsorships

These enable children and young people to attend school or successfully enter the workforce.

Educational sponsorships
from 50.- CHF per month

The official school period in India is 12 years until the Matura. In order to make schooling possible over this period, a long-term commitment is needed. A sponsorship makes it possible to support a child over a longer period of time. 

Criteria for the selection of the sponsored children are, in addition to the financial need of the family, the ability and motivation of the children to meet the school requirements, as well as the willingness of the parents to support the school attendance. This decision, which is not always easy, is made by the school management together with the sponsorship committee. 

The support and encouragement of the sponsored children is based on the respective talents of the learners. The children are cared for during the entire school time, and are given special support if necessary.

Particularly important to us is the holistic education by integrating the spiritual and cultural tradition of South India into school life, optimal support for all students, care for the children and their parents during the entire school period and remedial teaching if needed.

Your sponsorship donations will be used for school fees, teaching materials, school clothing, lunch, regular medical examinations for the children and treatment if necessary, as well as support for family emergencies and cultural activities and excursions.

If you have any questions, please contact Catharina Agustoni:

Vocational training sponsorship
from 60.- CHF per month

Many young adults are unable to follow up their school education with vocational training on their own. This is because only the best have the opportunity to study at a state educational institution almost free of charge. All others have to pay the equivalent of 10 to 15 monthly parental incomes per year of training. 

The struggle for a job is very pronounced in this region. There is a lack of jobs and companies in the structurally weak rural region. That's why a solid education is indispensable for entering the workforce. 

The Shanthimalai Skill Development Program (SSKDP) was launched in 2004 with the first graduates from the school. Within the framework of this program, training sponsorships enable talented young people from poor backgrounds to receive vocational training. With high unemployment, training or study is the prerequisite for a secure and fulfilling future.

Many career options are open to participants, e.g. apprenticeships in technical, medical, nursing, craft and commercial fields, or degrees at colleges and universities. The selection of students - according to fixed criteria - is the responsibility of a committee of experts largely independent of the Trust.

Promotion of communication and soft skills

In addition to counseling on social issues, on a psychological level and on economic problems, courses are also offered in English, PC skills, general education and job application training. Increasingly in recent years, career counseling and job placement services have also been offered, with presentations at schools, as well as regular parents' evenings. Job application and interview training conducted by consultants from the business world is becoming increasingly important.

If you have any questions, please contact Catharina Agustoni: