Current and past events

There are no events planned at the moment.

We cordially invite you to the

Opening aperitif
Lädeli Aruna
Indian handicrafts from fair trade

31. Oktober 2020

from 10.00 bis 16.00 Uhr

Flüelistrasse 12

6064 Kerns

Exhibition and retrospective of Gabriela Pia von Däniken

Listening to the innermost unity and silence 

in everything

Haus Bruchmatt

Bruchmattstrasse 9, 6003 Luzern

9. Juni - 30. September 2018

Information event
Saturday, 22. October 2016, Schulhaus Mariahilf/ AulaMariahilfgasse 4, 6004 Luzern

Dear donors and godparents

In October 2016, the Board of Trustees organized an information and cultural event in Lucerne, to which long-time donors were invited. In addition to current information and insights into the projects of the SMT, a short film was shown, which provides an authentic excerpt from the everyday life of an Indian schoolgirl.

The live performance of a traditional Indian dance (Bharatanatyam) and an Indian apero rounded off the cultural part. We thank all participants for the successful event.