Foundation Board

Our members work on a voluntary basis.
Personal expenses for flight tickets,
accommodation and costs in India
are borne by the members themselves.
back row f.l.t.r.: Benjamin Hemkendreis (Projects), Catharina Agustoni (Sponsorships), Martin Bütler (Vice-president), Thomas Koehler (Fundraising)
front row t.l.t.r.: David Stocker (Fundraising), Immanuel Stocker (President, Finances), Lukas Dold (Newsletters, absent)

Our Commitment

The Aruna Foundation is a non-profit and independent foundation. It supports the diverse work of its partner organization Shanthimalai Trust. This trust was founded by the German physician and healer Dr. Hugo Maier. There is a regular exchange between the members of the two organizations. The common goal of the foundation and the Indian trust is "help for self-help" for the suffering population in the rural region. India has the most poor people in the world. Even the poorest have a right to a dignified life. We make this possible through professional and financial support in education and care for the poor. Freed from the cycle of inequality of opportunity and hopelessness, we enable new perspectives. We are grateful and feel enriched to be part of this commitment!

Annual Report 

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Activities of the Foundation Board

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